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Women Over 50

When artists such as Lucien Freud or Jenny Saville have painted bodies, uncompromising in their depiction of flesh as we more commonly experience it – with fat, cellulite and stretch-marks - they have been perceived as shocking. 

Take a moment to ponder this point: the depiction of impossible female bodies bombard us everyday as an ideal all women should be aspiring to, and yet bodies as they actually are – as we experience them in the everyday – are to be hidden away and never referred to.

Against this backdrop, I decided to start a photography project with a working title, "Women Over 50."

This project is about creating a series of nude photographs of women in this age group, that are neither vulnerable, apologetic, nor seeking the approval of the male gaze.

Bodies as they really are, with nothing enhanced or adjusted in Photoshop.

Each woman looks directly into the lens, unapologetically owning the body she has.

Including recorded interviews with each of the particpants, the aim is to create a set of images for a touring exhibition and perhaps an accompanying book.

In May 2019 a series of events called "Body Image and the Older Woman" were created for Luminate - Scotland's Festival of Ageing. Many of the images were shown in a short film that was followed by a panel discussion, examining some of the ideas and questions they raise. At each event, over 80% of the audience contributed to the discussions with questions, comments and observations.

If you think you might like to take part in this project, or would like to find out more, then please contact me directly on 07971 969953 or email