Behind the scenes videos

The vast majority of photos we see are just point and click, but to create amazing photos take a bit more time. Here are a few short videos, which give a wee bit of insight into the process of creating my images.

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Morag Macpherson Textiles (1:52)

Textile designer, Morag Macpherson, had been involved in painting the "Rural Mural" project at Meiklewood Farm, SW Scotland, along with Rome based Recoat artist, Tellas. this photo shoot was of models wearing her designs with the Rural Mural as a backdrop.
Video footage by Viridian Skies
Music: Zero NRG, by The Cracked Man

Comlongon Castle with Robyn Stapleton (2:44)

Promotional photo shoot for Comlongon Castle, featuring singer, Robyn Stapleton and an owl....
External video footage by Digital Services Pro
Internal video footage by David Mark Williams
Music: The Lads That Were Reared Amang Heather, by Robyn Stapleton

Moniaive Manga (2:38)

This project developed from a conversation between hairdresser Ralph Yates-Lee of Basement 20, and photographer Kim Ayres - wondering what it would be like to create and photograph some Manga-inspired characters. It took place during the Moniaive Comic Festival in June 2016.
Video footage by Allan Wright and Katarina-Marie
Music: Anger Within Me, by Kleo

Café Largo (1:57)

Café Largo are a fun-loving band with a latin-jazzy feel, who wanted a photo with a Jack Vettriano feel to it. So we set off to the beach on the one day in December it wasn't raining.
Video footage by Liz Cook
Music: La Bamba, performed by Café Largo

Soul Soup - Everyday Superheroes (1:10)

Soul Soup is an amazing charity based in Dumfries, Scotland, offering professional counselling and support for young people (12 to 25 years old) facing emotional distress and difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing. I was asked to help create a photo for their "Everyday Superheroes" campaign. This video gives a taste of the day's photoshoot.
With special thanks to Basement 20 for donating time and skills for hair styling.
Music by The Cracked Man


Mrs Green's Tea Lounge (1:55)

Mrs Green's is as much a concept as it is a place (or even a person), so we decided to take the shoot away from the cafe in up to Dumfries Aviation Museum.
Video footage by Tom Langlands
Music: Wipe Out by The Surfaris

After The Show (2:07)

Rebecca liked the idea of backstage - after the glamour of the show. We built a set, found a wonderful old mirror with the silvering peeling off, and friends and family helped out with hair, makeup, clothes and set pieces.
Video footage by Dave Giblin
Music: So Fine by Sean Taylor

Mad Hatter Photo Shoot (2:15)

A well organised group of students from Castle Douglas High School Young Enterprise Group asked me to help them create some great photos to promote their cake stands made from vintage china.
Video footage by Castle Douglas High School Students