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Personal Photography

Photos are the gateway to our memories, and the importance of them grows over time.

When we look back at our pictures from our youth, with our friends, our partners, our families, the places and events we went to, then the past comes back to life.

Personal photos can be about capturing this point in time – how we look, where we are, who we are with.

They can also be an exploration of different sides to our personalities – a chance to play with different looks, outfits, and places.

From basic head-shot portraits, to photos in a particular environment, to creating scenes from a book, movie or your own epic fantasies, there is much fun to be had individually, with your family, or with your friends.

For those who are interested in personal, sensual or intimate photography, then take a look at my other site, Shadows & Curves - shadowsandcurves.co.uk - which specialises in artistic boudoir photography designed to make you feel wonderful about who you are and confidently empowered.

Call 0797 196 9953 or email kim@kimayres.co.uk to arrange a no-obligation meeting to explore how we can make you look amazing.