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Creatively Special

Be the hero, heroine or villain of your own epic photo!

There really are no limits to what can be achieved by a skilled photographer, the right props, costumes and location, and a bit of Photoshop editing.

Anniversary, birthday, engagement, celebrating a change, for a special occasion, or just for the fun of it - be the star in an image constructed entirely for you.

Who's it for?
Yourself, a loved one, a family member, a friend, couples, group of friends or workmates, family, staff photo with a difference. Pretty much any combination is possible.

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To arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss your requirements -
call me on 0797 196 9953 or email me at

Be the hero, heroine or villain of your own epic image

What ideas are possible?

A scene from a movie; a line from a poem; a memory of a poster on your bedroom wall; a setting from a book; a mood from a song; your very own album cover; a dream of an unfulfilled desire.

Be the hero, heroine or villain of your own epic image


Within a 30-mile radius of Castle Douglas we have an extremely wide variety of landscapes - from sandy beaches and clifftops to forests, rivers, glens and lochs to mountains and moor land. Additionally there are ruined castles, manor houses, standing stones and different urban environments. However, for the right image we can also travel to a specific location anywhere in the world, if you have the budget for it.

Be the hero, heroine or villain of your own epic image

Props, costume, hair and makeup?

Depending on the particular idea, specific props and outfits might be required. If you do not have these yourself, we can find ways to borrow, hire or make them. Likewise we can bring in people to do hair and makeup if the photo requires a look beyond something you are able to provide yourself.

Be the hero, heroine or villain of your own epic image


These photos are tailor made, so costs will vary according to the complexity of creating the images. If you are providing your own outfits, hair and makeup, for example, then it's going to cost less than if we need to provide these things, along with hiring an E-type Jaguar or building a stage set. There is plenty of room for flexibility and a wide range of options.

As these possibilities can move from a, quirky headshot through to a Viking battle, the price could range from a couple of hundred to several thousand. However, pre-planning is an essential part of the process, so prices will be worked out and agreed beforehand - there will be no need to worry about unexpected extras.


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