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Most people's first impression of your business is through the photos on your website, social media or printed material such as flyers and brochures.

Do you look confident and competent? Authoritative and knowledgeable? Creative? Reliable? Exciting? Or struggling to get by?

In the split second that potential customers look at your photos, instant decisions are made about the quality of your service or products, and whether or not you are worth contacting.

Whether you are a sole trader working out of your garden shed, or an SME on the high street or a large company on the fast track to growth; it's important you have the right photos to impress the clients you want and filter out the ones you don't.

From staff photos to shots in the workplace; classic product shots to detailed staged set pieces, there are a wide range of photography styles to show your clients the story you want them to see.

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Case Studies

Mrs Green's Tea Lounge

Mrs Green's Tea Lounge has a wonderfully retro feel to it - from the menus tucked inside vintage children's books, to the 50s style clothing Mrs Green herself is usually wearing. It's not theme specific, or nailed to one particular decade - items of décor range from pre-war to the 70s and beyond - but a general sense of nostalgia hits you at every turn, triggering memories from childhood or even visits to grandma.

Chatting with Mrs Green it became clear her tea lounge wasn't so much a place as a state of mind. This opened up all sorts of possibilities - we didn't need to be restricted to the café itself – and instead ended up out at Dumfries Aviation Museum.

“After our photoshoot I felt we all knew each other that bit better, which can only help us as a business in the long run. Once the photos were in circulation the feedback was incredible. They were a real talking point and created a real buzz about our business.” - Angela Green

Romance in a Scottish Castle

Comlongon Castle wanted a promotional photo for their website and brochure. They said, “It should probably be in the Great Hall, which has a huge stone fireplace. Perhaps if we had a woman in a red dress - Scottish looking - red hair, pale skin etc - standing in front. Oh, and candles - there are these large candle stands available. We could probably have a sword in the background too - the place is full of suits of armour. What do you think about an owl?

Everyday Superheroes

Soul Soup is an amazing local charity offering professional counselling and support for young people (12 to 25 years old) facing emotional distress and difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing. "Everyday Superheroes" was about the notion that nearly all of us attempt to appear invulnerable and easily able to cope with the world. So we created a photo of people dressed as superheroes in a group therapy session: even Superheroes are vulnerable to mental health problems. This image was also used in their campaign for “The People's Project” which ended with them being awarded £50,000 to expand their good work..

JD Keys

JD Keys in Castle Douglas is where you get your shoes repaired and keys cut. Unlike the various chain stores supplying this service in the majority of towns and cities, this one is completely independent. The JD is Joe Donohue – it’s his name above the door and his skills and customer service that have built his trusted brand over the past couple of decades. What Joe wanted was a set of timeless photos showing the man in his environment

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