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Authors as Characters 

A few years ago, in a drive to support the Wigtown Book Festival in Dumfries & Galloway, I decided to create a series of photos of authors as characters from literature.

They could choose whoever they wanted to be - from famous authors to characters in an obscure book they loved and no one else had heard of - and we would then work out how to photograph them in that guise.

For each shot we started at the end point - a vision of the image we wanted to create - then had to reverse-engineer how we would get there. 

What location would we need? What outfits? What props? Then I would have to work out composition, lighting and camera angles. And finally, once I downloaded the images onto the computer, I would have to work out how edit them and create a finish that was in keeping with the story and character.

In many ways, this project changed the direction of my photography forever.

Up until then I was mostly known for close up black and white head shots, but every one of these shots forced me out of my comfort zone, and forced me to think way beyond just the settings on the camera. 

The way it directed my approach to photography led directly on to how I create the large, narrative set pieces I'm now more known for.

Although it's a few years since I did these photos, and if I was to do them again there's no doubt some of them would be quite different, I thought I would post some of them here.