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Kim Ayres Photography

Our imaginations are what make us unique. Whatever our external conditions may be, inside our heads we are the heroes, heroines or even villains of our own epic stories.

Photography gives us the ultimate dressing up box. With the right outfits, props, location, lighting, composition and editing, anything is possible - we can tell any story you want.

Let's get together to chat about how we can make you, your group, your event, your project, your business look amazing.

To arrange a no-obligation meeting,
call me on 0797 196 9953 or
email me at

Before choosing a photographer to work with, it's a good idea to know what those who have worked with them think, so I've put together this video of testimonials about Kim Ayres Photography


30 King Street
Castle Douglas
Dumfries and

Email: kim@kimayres.cuk
Phone: 0797 196 9953